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Equity Studies

Equity Studies is a disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and multi-disciplinary approach to social justice and inequality. Ranging across the local, regional, national, and global, Equity Studies explores inequalities between and among humans that are based on socially produced categories of geography, religion, race, gender, disability, age, class, and sexuality. It also includes issues related to inter-species equality, environmental justice, and intergenerational equality. After completion of the foundations course “Equality in Context” (MAIS 635), students may focus on a specific topic including inequality linked to a group identity (for example, gender, disability or species); social movement activism; policy or practice analysis (human rights, Canadian Charter of Rights); an event (for example war, famine); environmental justice; or a specific effect of inequality (for example, homelessness, food security, poverty, joblessness).

Equity Studies will be of interest to those wishing to engage research and scholarship in the voluntary, public or private sectors; at the local, regional, or international levels; in relation to family, religion, education, politics, healthcare, social work, police work, the armed forces, government, policy development or the legal system, or other areas involving interaction with humans, other species, or the environment, including environmental, intergenerational, and inter-species justice. Students are encouraged to start with MAIS 635 Equality in Context.

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  • International Political Economy: The Politics of Globalization (Shrivastava)
  • Global Development Strategies (Shrivastava)
  • Africa in the World (Joe Kelly)

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