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British Columbia TQS

B.C.'s Teacher Qualification Services has reviewed and confirmed that AU's MA-IS program can be used to meet their qualification assessment criteria, provided the program of study is carefully structured. We recommend students seeking BC-TQS certification consider the following:

  1. The BC-TQS website provides access to information about certification categories, application deadlines, and policies, as well as access to their application form. We recommend that students review this information, and in particular, the TQS category requirements.
  2. It is recommended that students contact BC-TQS in the early stages of planning their MA-IS program since it is possible to negotiate approval of your proposed program.
  3. Students who do not have pre-approval of a MA-IS program plan can still apply to BC-TQS for a change in category, but the process may require some intervention by the professorial team in the MA-IS program as we continue to refine our relationship with BC-TQS.
  4. Generally, BC-TQS will not consider Adult Education courses in their review process for certification. Students who include Adult Education courses in their MA-IS program will be required toinclude, with their application to BC-TQS, a summary of how these Adult Education courses contribute to the teaching in the B.C. school system.
  5. To meet the 6 credit Research requirement students have, in the past, been granted approval to use MAIS 602 Reseaching Society and Culture and MAIS 701 Interdisciplinary Studies Project.
  6. A facilitator is available to assist BC-TQS applicants with the application process, including the appeal process. Please contact the MA-IS Office to find a facilitator.

Updated October 01 2018 by Student & Academic Services

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