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Athabasca University

Non-Program Students

Persons wishing to enroll in the MA-IS as a Non-Program Student must hold a baccalaureate degree from a recognized post-secondary education institution. Effective September 2005, all persons applying for Non-Program status will be required to submit to the MA-IS Office confirmation of successful completion of an undergraduate degree. Applicants may be asked to submit a resume in support of their Non-Program application. Students are accepted into the MA-IS program at the discretion of Athabasca University. Some courses may have limited enrolments.

All materials for non-program student registration (including the application form and fees) must be completed in full and received one month prior to the course start date.

Non-program students may take up to five courses in total, however, no more than two courses per semester are allowed.

Non-program students are encouraged to apply to become a program student. Acceptance as a non-program student does not, however, guarantee or imply future acceptance as a program student.

*Note: MDE and MHS Student MUST proceed to Step 2 Below.

Following are the procedures required to apply as a MAIS Non-Program Student. It is strongly encouraged that you print and read this entire document prior to proceeding with your application. Failure to complete all steps will result in your application not being reviewed for approval, or processed.

  1. Complete the Non Program Student application form online:
    • New Students To Athabasca University: If you have never been a student with Athabasca University, please complete the following Non Program Application Form.
    • Existing Athabasca University Students: If you already have an Athabasca University Student Identification Number, please proceed to Step 2 below. NOTE: You will require your AU student ID number, if you cannot remember your student ID number, please contact the MAIS office at for assistance.
  2. Submit a transcript which confirms your undergraduate degree to the MA-IS Office.
    • Fax: 780-675-6921
    • Email:
    • Mail:
      Master of Arts- Interdisciplinary Studies
      1 University Drive
      Athabasca AB T9S 3A3
  3. Proceed to the MAIS Graduate Student Admission System
    1. Select the Non Program option to start your MAIS Non-Program application.
    2. Complete all components of the online Non-Program application. Each component must be finalized.
    3. Click on the "Proceed to Final Review" button in the checklist after all components have been completed and submitted. At that point you will no longer have access to view or modify your application.
    4. You can make changes or additions to your application at any time prior to the application deadline (and prior to submitting your application for final review). You will be able to track completion of various components of the online application through an online Application Checklist.
    5. The status of your application will appear as "Under Review" if all steps have been completed and the application has been submitted for final review. All applications will be reviewed for approval during the two week period prior to the Course Registration deadline (please see below). Note that telephone confirmation will not be provided.
    6. If the status of your application appears as "Review Complete", your application has been processed. Click on the link beside your status to review the results of your application.
  4. For applicants residing in Canada without Canadian citizenship: Photocopy of either permanent resident documentation or work permit will need to be provided to:

    Master of Arts- Interdisciplinary Studies
    1 University Drive
    Athabasca AB T9S 3A3

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