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Athabasca University

Course Withdrawals

Failure to attend a course, or to complete the requirements of a course does not constitute withdrawal. Withdrawal from any course requires a formal request.

In order to officially withdraw from an MA-IS course we will require you to fill out an MA-IS Withdrawal Request Form. You may withdraw using the online form.

The withdrawal process for graduate programs is different from our undergraduate courses in that the materials are not to be returned.

Early Withdrawal

Refund minus $364 withdrawal processing fee

If a student withdraws from a course within the first month (Early withdrawal) or prior to the course start date, the record of registration will be deleted from his or her official transcript and the student will receive a refund of the course fees minus the course withdrawal processing fee (refer to fees). Course materials are not to be returned.


No refund

If a student withdraws from a course after the first month of the course, but before the end date of the course, the official record and transcript will show that the student withdrew without credit and without prejudice or academic penalty and will be recorded as a "W" (Withdrawal in good academic standing) on the transcript. A refund is not granted for withdrawals after 30 days of the start date.

If a refund is applicable, you will be refunded in the same method in which you paid your course registration fees (i.e. if you paid by credit card, then your credit card will be credited. If you paid by cheque, then your refund will arrive in the form of a cheque).

Updated October 01 2018 by Student & Academic Services

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