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Senior Methods Courses

MA-IS 602 - Researching Society and Culture introduces students to research questions and methods early in the Program, but after students have completed several courses, they may wish to explore a particular mode of research and/or interdisciplinary method in greater detail. This result may be achieved through one of two means:

  • a foundational or advanced Reading Course supervised by an instructor who specializes in that mode of research and/or interdisciplinary method (e.g., ethnographic field research, statistical analysis, or archival research). Students who wish guidance in this area should contact the MA-IS Office.
  • a senior methodology course: MAIS 622 Advanced Feminist Theory; MAIS 640 Grounded Theory, Exploration, and Beyond; or MAIS 638 What I Tell You May Not Be True: Autobiography, Discourse Analysis, and Post-Colonialism.

Although these courses are intended to better prepare students for their final project, they can also serve as one of the four courses that comprise a focus area — at the discretion of the Directors, and only if the course's major assignment is pertinent to that concentration.

Please consult the Grouped Study and Individualized Study course list for availability.

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