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Athabasca University

Core Courses

Students must complete the two core courses and at least one project course:


We do not recommend taking the two core courses at the same time. The core courses are challenging courses, which take time and effort to complete. If students wish to take two courses at one time, we recommend a core and an elective.



MAIS 601 and MAIS 602 will challenge students in areas of study that will most likely be unfamiliar to them. These two courses will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis. The rationale for using Pass/Fail grading is to challenge students to take risks when working in Interdisciplinary studies areas, and undertaking assignment topics they might not consider if their performance was graded on a percentage basis. Refer to the MAIS Course Grading System for a breakdown of the grading scale used for most other courses.

Updated October 08 2014 by Student & Academic Services

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