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Research in the Interdisciplinary World: MAIS Fall Symposium - October 4, 2013

When: 9:00 - 16:30, 4 Oct 2013

Venue: Room 1222, Athabasca University Edmonton (10011 109 Street)

Virtual Attendance: Adobe Connect

9:00 am
MAIS Symposium 2013: Opening remarks
  • Raphael Foshay
  • Veronica thomspon
9:15 am
Session One - Equity and Inclusion
  • Karen M. Nielsen, Anne-Marie Dewhurst
  • “Program Experiences of Men Completing the ‘Reaching for a Good Life’ Program”

  • Emma Pivato
  • “Equity, Opportunity and Inclusion for all - including those with multiple disabilities”

  • Josh Evans
  • “The ‘Embedded Mobility’ of Policy: The Translation of Policies to End Homelessness in Alberta, Canada”

10:30 am
Morning Coffee Break - Onsite
10:45 am
Session Two – Frankenstein, Fingerprints and the Apocalypse
  • Mark McCutcheon
  • “The ‘mad scientist’ of media: McLuhan’s Frankensteinian discourse of technology in 1960s counter-culture and media”

  • Vina Tirven-Gadum
  • “Stylistic differences (or similarities) in the novels of the Russian born French author Andreï Makine /Gabriel Osmonde”

  • James Gifford
  • "Elizabeth Smart and Canadian Apocalyptic Modernisms"

Lunch Provided - Onsite
Three minute mini-lectures


“Integrative Learning and Interdisciplinary Studies – opportunities and challenges”

• Wendell Kisner • James Gifford • Mark McCutcheon • Jane Arscott • Derek Briton • Josipa Petrunic

1:00 pm
Round Table on Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Josipa Petrunic
  • “Interdisciplinary Research Methods: analyzing the revamped syllabus for MAIS 602 and addressing interdisciplinary research outcomes among graduate students”

  • Jane Arscott and Marti Cleveland Innis
  • “Is there a fit for Human Services in MAIS?”

  • Derek Briton
  • “Failure, Fantasy, and Fear: implications for Learning”

  • Reinekke Lengelle
  • “Career writing – creative, expressive, and reflective narratives in career learning”

2:30 pm
Afternoon Coffee Break - Onsite
2:45 pm
Session Three: Knowledge systems, representation and power
  • Leslie Main Johnson
  • “Working Across Boundaries: Negotiating Research Focus, Triangulation, and Translating Between Knowledge Systems”

  • Wendell Kisner
  • “The Middle Voice of Autopoietic Life: A Hegelian approach to biology and ecological ethics”

  • Paul Kellogg
  • “Vorkuta and the emergence of the contemporary Russian working class”

  • Raphael Foshay
  • “Mimēsis in Plato and Aristotle in light of Eric Gans’ Generative Anthropology and Heidegger’s Reading of Plato”

4:25 pm
Closing Remarks

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