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Master of Arts - Integrated Studies


Course Withdrawals

Failure to attend a course, or to complete the requirements of a course does not constitute withdrawal. Withdrawal from any course requires a formal request.

Students who wish to withdraw from a course must submit a MAIS Withdrawal Request Form before (a) the final 30-days of a regularly-scheduled, Grouped-Study Course, or (b) the final 30-days of an Individualized-Study Course. (The deemed submission date of requests sent by surface mail will be the postmark; of those hand-delivered or faxed, the University date stamp. Requests submitted by e-mail remain the sole responsibility of the student and are discouraged, unless submitted well in advance of deadlines. Note that the deemed submission date of e-mailed requests may be up to 48 hours after receipt due to processing delays.

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Student & Academic Services - Last Updated October 12, 2012